Create Instant
Lesson Plans
Experience the future of lesson planning with our AI Tools
Lesson Plans:
Instantly create comprehensive, tailored lesson plans
Diversify Subjects:
Automatic content generation for diverse subjects
Tailored to Students:
Personalized learning paths for individual student needs
Simplify your teaching process, save time, and boost your effectiveness with our AI-powered tool.
AI Chat
Enhance conversations with our AI chat platform inspired by ChatGPT. Create engaging and interactive chats to answer anything, multilingual support, and intelligent automation. Elevate your chat experience with our innovative AI chat feature.
Text to Image
Introducing Just Think's amazing Text-to-Art feature! Now, you can turn your words into beautiful art effortlessly. Just type in your thoughts, and our smart technology will transform them into stunning visuals. Experience the magic of words becoming art with Just Think!
Quick Quizzes
Experience the convenience of generating quick quizzes instantly on our platform. Our user-friendly interface allows you to design, customize, and distribute quizzes in no time. Perfect for educators and trainers seeking to assess knowledge retention and provide immediate feedback.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Hear from some of our amazing teachers and administrators using the platform.
I just discovered Just Think and wow! Mind Blown!
High School Teacher
Just Think helps me with all of my planning needs. It has tons of resources all in one spot.
Lidia N.
curriculum coordinator
Good response from all of our teachers so far! Loving Just Think
Ms. Hall
Vice principal
The kids are 10x more engaged with the custom lesson plans and quizzes I can create.
Kory H.
8th Grade, Science
I can generate lessons for every part of the curriculum with a push of a button.
Lyle Kauffman
HS History Teacher
These tools save me so much time!
Portrait of a man
6th Grade Math
Just Think's time-saving tools that make teaching a breeze!
Portrait of a woman
Sarah M.
AP History
Create Account - Aptonic X Webflow Template
Anna G
HS Principal
Collaboration made easy with Just Think's shared lesson planning feature.
Create Account - Aptonic X Webflow Template
Josh T
Elementary Teacher
"We’ve been using Untitled to kick start every new project. I can’t imagine working without it."
Lyle Kauffman
Data Engineer, Catalog
Frequently Asked Questions
Find out more about how we work.
Who is Just Think for?
Just Think is mainly focused on supporting K-12 teachers by offering tools that improve their teaching journey. Nevertheless, educators across various levels, from preschool to university, in both formal and non-traditional environments, are also recognizing the benefits of our platform.

We are dedicated to continuously developing Just Think to cater to the diverse and expanding requirements of our users. Your input and experiences play a crucial role in shaping the future of our services. If you have any specific needs or examples of how you use our platform, please don't hesitate to inform us.
Do you offer plans for schools?
Yes, we do! School plans provide group savings for 10+ teachers.

Our School Plan includes:
• Access to 100+ teaching tools
• Unlimited content generation
• Save and easily organize work
• Easy team management

*School plans require a minimum of 10 members.
How can AI tools be useful to educators?
Just Think can help educators in numerous ways. The AI chat can assist in managing student queries, the text to speech feature can aid visually impaired students or those who are auditory learners, the image to video feature can create engaging visual content for lessons, and the text to image conversion can help in creating visual aids to supplement text-heavy materials.
How often are new features added?
We collaborate with renowned educators to ensure our collection of tools is continuously expanding, with regular additions of new features. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them with us!
What makes this application different from others on the market?
is specifically designed with educators in mind, offering features that cater to the needs of the teaching and learning process. It's a comprehensive tool that combines several functionalities in one platform, making it a cost-effective solution for educators.
How intelligent is the AI chat feature?
Just Thinks AI chat feature is designed with advanced algorithms that enable it to understand and respond accurately to a wide range of queries. It can assist in answering student questions, providing instant responses when you're not available, and it's continually learning and improving over time.

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