Streamline Engaging Lesson Creation with AI Assistance

Our Lesson Planner Pro uses AI to instantly generate engaging curriculum materials tailored to your students, academic standards, and preferences.

Designing lessons that engage diverse learners on core topics takes time teachers lack. Our Lesson Planner Pro saves you time crafting curriculum calendars, projects, and activities tailored to your students' needs and interests.

Built by teachers for teachers, this AI-powered tool delivers comprehensive lesson suggestions instantly from brief prompts. Spend less time prepping and more time teaching with the help of your new AI teaching assistant.

Teach Smarter, Not Just Harder

Effective teaching requires understanding student abilities, aligning materials to standards, differentiating instruction, and crafting engaging activities on limited time. It's a difficult balancing act without assistance.

Our Lesson Planner Pro steps in to:

  • Generate curriculum calendars around learning objectives
  • Suggest hands-on projects reinforcing concepts
  • Outline step-by-step activities tied to standards
  • Adapt materials to student skill levels
  • Provide plans focused on inclusivity

With AI handling the busywork, you can focus on student collaboration and comprehension. Just describe your ideal lesson, and our tool delivers.

Streamlined Planning Benefits

The Lesson Planner Pro enables teachers to:

  • Design classes faster using AI suggestions
  • Align activities tightly to curriculum standards
  • Engage varied learning styles and abilities
  • Iterate lesson plans quickly until perfected
  • Minimize redundant research and prep
  • Discover new teaching methods and concepts
  • Focus energy on mentoring students

Our tool works tirelessly behind the scenes so your lessons come together seamlessly.

Overcoming Manual Planning Obstacles

Without AI assistance, creating quality lessons is slow and difficult:

  • Researching concepts and designing projects is time-intensive
  • Hard to keep lesson objectives tightly aligned to standards
  • Easy to overlook student differences and accessibility issues
  • Difficult to continually deliver novel, outside-the-box activities
  • Impossible to customize plans individually for 150+ students
  • Testing lesson timing and pacing is a guessing game

The Lesson Planner Pro overcomes these pain points so you can teach confidently.

AI-Powered Lesson Perfection

Teaching is equal parts art and science. Our Lesson Planner Pro combines creative ideation with data-driven intelligence.

Built on a vast database of activities correlated to learning standards, the tool analyzes your prompt and suggests tailored plans in seconds. Our goal: give teachers an omnipotent assistant to amplify their skills.

Planner Capabilities

  • Generates curriculum calendars, lesson plans, projects, and individual activities
  • Adapts suggestions to unique student needs and interests
  • Aligns activities tightly to core standards
  • Provides differentiated instruction options
  • Delivers ideas tailored for visual, auditory, and kinetic learners
  • Continually learns from customer feedback to improve

Students thrive when engaged on their level. Our tool makes this possible even with overpacked classes.

Using the Planner

Interacting with the Lesson Planner Pro takes seconds:

  1. Enter a prompt like "Design 5 days of activities on fractions for 4th graders"
  2. Tool instantly suggests activities with differentiation strategies
  3. Iterate on the plans by adjusting parameters
  4. Export final lesson plans to your calendar and learning management system

The AI handles the heavy lifting while you focus on instructional design.

Prompt elements to specify:

  • Subject and grade level
  • Specific learning goals or standards to cover
  • Student abilities and prior knowledge
  • Ideal project duration
  • Activity formatting preferences

Experience the AI's lesson planning capabilities yourself with a free trial!

Teaching Success Stories

Read how real teachers leverage our Lesson Planner Pro:

Middle School Math Teacher

Challenge: Needed to teach conceptual math like fractions without losing engagement.

Lesson Prompt: "Suggest interactive fraction lessons catered to 7th graders' skills."

Result: Got a 5-day plan with games, experiments, and group challenges to reinforce concepts.

Impact: Students mastered material through hands-on engagement.

High School Science Teacher

Challenge: Wanted to integrate more projects into a biology class on cells.

Lesson Prompt: "Provide ideas for a week-long project on cell biology tailored for 10th graders."

Result: Suggested having students build cell models demonstrating organelle functions.

Impact: Students gained practical knowledge from building their own representations.

Elementary History Teacher

Challenge: Needed to revamp a stale chapter on local history into a fun, interactive unit.

Lesson Prompt: "Suggest one week of engaging local history activities for 5th graders."

Result: Activities like walking tours, museum field trips, interviews with long-time residents.

Impact: Students were excited to engage with local history hands-on.

The possibilities are endless with the Lesson Planner Pro! See for yourself with a free trial.

Unlock Your Teaching Potential with AI

Stop spending evenings and weekends prepping. Our Lesson Planner Pro delivers ideas tailored specifically to your curriculum goals, students, and preferences.

Teachers nationwide use the tool to:

  • Accelerate engaging lesson design
  • Align activities tightly to standards
  • Adapt materials for diverse learning needs
  • Integrate projects seamlessly into syllabi
  • Create inclusive, differentiated instruction
  • Save 20+ hours a week once spent on manual prep

Reclaim your evenings and weekends. Let our AI help craft lessons so you can focus on student relationships and outcomes. The new school year awaits - get ready to teach on a whole new level with the Lesson Planner Pro by your side!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's your lesson planning success rate?

Over 85% of teachers in trials reported the Lesson Planner Pro consistently suggests highly relevant, engaging activities tailored to their classes. Relevancy increases weekly through continual AI training.

How does your tool account for different learning needs?

Teachers can provide details on student abilities, interests, and needs in prompts. Our AI cross-references these against a database of differentiation tactics to adapt lesson plans accordingly.

Can your tool align activities to specific educational standards?

Absolutely. Our database has 1M+ activities tagged to standards. Enter the standards you want covered in prompts and the Planner will tailor suggestions accordingly.

Can I provide feedback on lesson plans to improve the AI?

Yes, customer feedback is critical to improve suggestion relevancy. We'll provide forms allowing teachers to note revisions to lesson plans tried in class so our AI learns.

How experienced do teachers need to be to use your tool effectively?

Our tool is designed for usability by teachers of all experience levels. Simply enter your curriculum goals, student needs, and activity formatting preferences and our AI handles the rest.

Is tech background required to use your lesson planning AI?

Not at all. Prompting the Planner is as simple as typing a sentence describing your ideal lesson. No coding or technical expertise required. We designed the tool to integrate seamlessly into teachers' existing workflows.

Revolutionize Your Teaching Strategy with AI

Don't let lesson planning fatigue set in. Our Lesson Planner Pro leverages AI to craft engaging curriculum materials tailored to your students, standards, and preferences.

Stop reinventing the wheel every class. Let our tool help design lessons so you can devote energy to guiding students down the path of discovery. Reclaim your weekends and love teaching again!

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